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Hello! I’m Megan, rising Freelance Career + Lifestyle Coach.
I teach women how to build successful money-making freelance careers out of passions and empower them to become leaders. I have been freelancing for 12 amazing years and I want to help others get to where I am at today (with a lot less struggle). I have made it my mission to empower + encourage other women to chase their dreams and talents and becoming business owners themselves.

what can we do together?

1:1 Mentor Sessions

We will build a strong relationship and work closely together while building your ultimate dream business.

Self-Pace Courses

Sign up & gain the tools you need from one of my self-pace courses that is structured around you and your business.

Group Sessions

Join one of my group skill-building classes & work together to gain the knowledge needed for your business.

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Today is the perfect day to start investing in you & your future.
You are the most important person in your life!  

Write me a couple lines & set up a personal one-on-one 30 minute consultation for us to discuss your goals, strengths & what you feel we can work on to get you to pro-status.

I cannot wait to meet you.